Routes near Vergina

While staying at Vergina in our Guesthouse  you can visit other nearby historic sites such as Dion and the ancient Pella. Your visit to Vergina can offer other than the awe-emitting archaeological discoveries and moments of relaxation, enjoyment in the mountains of Vermios and Pieria as well.

Visit the Neolithic settlement of Nicomedia, the Macedonian Graves Lefkadia in Anthemia, the School of Naoussa, where Grand Master Aristotle taught Alexander the Great and the Ancient Theatre in Mieza . Also, the wine road, the European path E4 path Aliakmon River where you can go cycling and canoeing as well as the capital of Imathia prefecture, the city of Veria where is the step of the Apostle Paul, a place where according to tradition, the Apostle taught, and the Archaeological Museum.

Also through the New Egnatia Highway in 1 to 2 hours you arrive at Kastoria, Florina, Prespa, Metsovo, Ioannina, Lake Kerkini, Kavala, Philippi, Macedonia, Mount Olympus and Platamonas.